Why Indian Premier League (IPL) is famous

On 15th March 1877, the first cricket match played between England and Australia. After 55 years later, India played its first game of cricket. India wasn’t an investor in this sport and became in the news in the entire world. 

How IPL is famous

In 2005, the first T20 match played between New Zealand and Australia. Two years later 2007, there a World Cup played separately named ICC World Twenty20. India crowned the champion of the T20 World Cup and in the same year knocked out 50 over World Cup. The popularity gained more not because of the format but because of how excited they played. This gave the birth of the IPL (Indian Premier League). In Today’s world, it is one of the most franchise T20 leagues in the world and that’s the reason IPL is famous

Here the team divided not according to country but made a team among the players where they would be featuring opposite and along with each other.

It is the moment when our Indian players play with all the other nations’ cricketers. This made to gain popularity in the world where audiences are not only supporting their favorite ones instead they are cheering and supporting the team.  Have you ever thought that Sachin Tendulkar from India and Sanath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka would be batting together in a team? Of course not but the reality is Yes it happens in IPL matches. You can take another example of Sourav Ganguly from India and Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan together celebrating the wickets.  Yes, these amazing things happen in this tournament. The team is highly paid millions of dollars.

Additionally, all franchise owners invest money into the league annually. Upcoming there can be more than 12 teams. The sources of income in IPL are sponsorships, advertisements to gain popularity, ticket purchasing, and merchandising. The tournament becomes more interesting when an interesting person also gets involved like the involvement of celebrities, actors, actresses, and glamour beauty. Some of the renowned known and famous personalities are :

Famous personalities in IPL

 -Shah Rukh Khan(Kolkata Knight Riders)

-Preity Zinta(PBKS)

-Shilpa Shetty(Rajasthan Royals)

-Nita Ambani(Mumbai Indians)

These people own self-owned franchises and enjoy the game-making of their presence. IPL team is not a league, it is a combination of entertainment and a cricket match. That is the reason behind IPL is famous.    

The IPL match is a riveting blend of entertainment and cricket, not just a league. The league has created a distinctive spectacle that appeals to a wide audience by skillfully fusing the sport with glitz and theater.

The opening ceremonies of the Indian Premier League are an annual event that showcases Bollywood celebrities, musical acts, and stunning cheerleaders.

 These components give the league an air of grandeur unmatched in cricket. Hardcore cricket fans as well as a more relaxed, diversified crowd seeking an experience that goes beyond the game have been drawn in large part by the entertainment value. People come to watch ILP live from different stadiums. Nowadays people and students are playing IPL matches and earning money from various apps like betting apps. So these are the points why IPL is famous in India. Below is the list of teams played in the IPL

Team in IPL match

Chennai Super Kings

Delhi Capitals

Gujarat Titans

Kolkata Knight Riders

Lucknow Super Giants

Mumbai Indians

Punjab Kings

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

Sunrisers Hyderabad 

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