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Which Job is best Software developer or IAS?

With technology permeating every part of daily life, software developer or IAS are in high demand across almost all industries. This line of work has great growth potential and pays well. It’s also very creative and challenging, so anyone interested in pursuing it might find it appealing.

Software Developers package

Software developers make an average salary of $120,730, and over the next ten years, the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics projects a 26% growth in employment in this field, or about 371,000 jobs. Numerous industries, such as marketing, biotechnology, gaming, nonprofit work, and many more, employ software developers. It’s interesting work, usually involving a dynamic team environment.

After witnessing the allure of corporate jobs in multinational corporations. A significant number of recent college graduates and young professionals have expressed interest. Many have started joining the Indian Civil Services in recent years.

About IAS and its exams

In recent years, the number of candidates taking the Indian Civil Services Examination (CSE) has more than doubled. The Indian Civil Services has long been regarded as the greatest career option for recent graduates of the arts! However, recent graduates and young professionals in various fields started giving exams. Like business management, science, commerce and many more. All have begun to appear for CSE. Student gives attempt to gain admission to India’s esteemed Civil Services.

A career in CSE opens doors to positions in IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS (20+ jobs/services). Compared to other services in India. The vast array of positions falling under the purview of the Civil Services. It affords a greater degree of authority and power. The rare chance to indulge in social welfare and personal ambition is provided by civil services.

Numerous lakhs of candidates take the exam each year. Youth all around the nation have been greeted with a plethora of opportunities. Ever since the nation’s economy opened up in the 1990s. Both young and old have had their dreams realized. IT and ITES industries, and this field is still growing.

Thousands of young people in India still hope to work for the government despite all of this. And the IAS is supreme when it comes to government employment. After graduation, a lot of students choose to pursue careers in civil services. It presents them with demanding and ambitious opportunities. Becoming an IAS officer is the dream job for over 70% of respondents to an Economic Times poll. It offers the opportunity to rise to positions of leadership and compassion while still serving the nation. For this reason, a growing number of students are choosing to pursue their dream job of becoming IASs.

Comparison between Software Developer /IAS

Both jobs have different types of careers, scope, facilities, lifestyles, and working styles. If you have fixed your vision then nobody can compare your dream. All you have to identify your area of interest in the fields. Most of the students often get confused about what to select and which has more scope. More than 80% started preparing for the IAS examination in their last semesters. Rest 20% prepared for software development jobs. But what about 80% of students, they often come under peer pressure and start getting prepared for examinations. So it’s better to choose what you dream of rather than following others.

You should be good at logic, coding command, and strategies. Then you can go into the software development field. But if you are good at social science, current affairs, political, and economic. You are ready to serve society then you can go for IAS examination. Each profile needs strong dedication and effort to continue on the same path. You can also take references from seniors and ask what challenges they face. Conclusion is it totally depends on your choices and what career would you like to make it?

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