Twitter Is Officially Elon Musk announces

The name was very famous earlier and today it is diverted officially to It is new for all the bloggers and blogging websites. Everybody is writing on their social media “Welcome to”. The only difference is the change of URL and nothing else. All the remaining data and information will remain the same and it will continue as it was going smoothly. converted to

Elon Musk corporate ‘X’ letter for branding his companies and finally it started with PayPal amalgamated with this Finally, it has shifted to X. It has a new logo 2 shades of blue color and the X word is made of white circle. There is a chance that the stage logo will change in the future.

Many of them had a habit of saying Twitter as X is new for them. Many bloggers use Twitter and other social media platforms. They must change their habit, and it will take some time for this to be accomplished.. All core systems are now on in other words, you can also say that it has rebranded.

About Elon Musk   

The full of Mr. Musk is Elon Reeve Musk he is a businessman and an investor, founder, and CEO of SpaceX, He was a former chairman of Tesla and president of the Musk Foundation. Mr. Musk is the wealthiest person in the world as compared to other richest people. He was born on June 28, 1971, in South African 

Why did Twitter become

The history behind this is that Elon Musk continuously uses the X letter for branding his companies and he started using X  in 1999 year. He aims to attempt –an online financial superstore. To close the deal he bought XCorp company to set. He checked China’s App named to become a super App

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