This time Eid ul-Fitr is going to celebrate on 11th April in INDIA.

Eid ul-Fitr, one of the festivals celebrated at the end of Ramadan has great significance for Muslim people all over India. The family and friends gathered together to celebrate this occasion. The dates decided depending on the moon sighting. Eid is observed on 10th April 2024 and celebrated the next day in India. Eid ul-Fitr is going to celebrate on 11th April

How Eid ul-fitr celebrated

People wake up early in the morning, wear a new dress, and go to mosques for special prayers. Houses, offices, and workplaces well-decorated. In this festival, people make various delicious items like sewai, kheer, dahi bade, chole, and many more. This festival symbolizes the spirit and unity that brings Muslims around the world.     

More about Eid ul-Fitr

It is the end of the holiest month in Islam, where the entire family keeps fasting for around a month. This ritual is the same for the entire world. According to the Islamic calendar, there are 2 major festivals, eid ul-fitr and Eid al-Adha. The last month of the Islamic calendar is Eid al-Adha.

Eid ul-Fitr in UK

Here people woke up early and presented themselves with beautiful dresses. They offer prayers at their local mosques or gather a groups for prayers. People visit each other houses and greet each other that emphasize healthy relations with each other

Eid ul-Fitr in India

Also known as popularly Meethi Eid where people wear new clothes, prepare delicious food, and perform charity to needy people. Each one of them wishes Eid Mubarak. After keeping fast for 1 month finally, they break roza and after. The women prepare Sewai, kababs, haleem, veg, and non-veg biryani. In the end, small children receive money (usually known as Eidi) and many more gifts. The Indian Muslims wait to get information on the perfect date of Eid  and they usually get information from Saudi Arabia. Eid ul-Fitr is going to celebrate on 11th April

The sighting of the moon will decide the date of the Islamic festival. The next day the eid festival is celebrated.   

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