Narendra Modi already got full majority in Lok Sabha-Amit Shah claims

On Tuesday 14th May 2024, Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah delivered. As per the news he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received a great part in Lok Sabha after 4 phases. He is talking about the Matua people and guaranteed individuals their citizenship and denounced Mamta Banerjee of spreading canards

Recently there was a rally in West Bengal at Bangaon. Mr. Amit Shah said that the races had come to an end, casted a ballot on 380 seats. Where as in West Bengal 18 seats is over to decide. And Modi Ji has got a major part of 270 seats 

As per the news, Mamata Banerjee can never halt the execution of the CCA (Citizenship Change Act). Due to the regulation of the focal government. 96 seats went for survey in 4thperiod of the race of Lok Sabha 

What Prediction and opinions tell us

Bharatiya Janata Party is fully on track, according to the recent opinion poll survey. As per the news and graph shown, we can predict a clear win-win output in the election of 2024. 

Here is the opinion poll of India TV-CNX it shows BJP winning by 342 seats. Congress by 38, Aam Aadmi Party by 6 seats, Samajwadi Party by 3, and others by 91.

Prediction of BJP Party (Narendra Modi)

At Uttar Pradesh, according to the survey BJP has improved its conditions. But Congress is showing blank as compared to BJP.

At Bihar, BJP is about to win 17 out of 40 Lok Sabha seats. And Congress has the chance to win only by 1 seat.

In Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttarakhand. All these areas may be covered by the BJP Party.

What is your opinion? What do you think about it? Do let us know and do not forget to cast a vote. Each person’s vote is very important to build up a nation. Remember one thing it’s your core and prior responsibility. Let’s wait for the result!!!!

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