Interim Bail of Arvind Kejriwal – Supreme Court order

 The Supreme Court announced for bail of Arvind Kejriwal on break till 1st June 2024 in the Delhi strategy case. It is because of continuous general races, implementing extraordinary treatment for him that resulted in high Blood Pressure and sugar.

Supreme Court announced bail for Arvind Kejriwal

Supreme Court passed an order for interim bail till 1st June 2024. A bench of Supreme Court justices Dipankar Datta and Sanjiv Khanna announced the order. On 2nd June Arvind Kejriwal has to return to prison on 2nd June 2024. On the 10th of May, Mr. Kejriwal was released this evening. The preliminary court issued the delivery request. Once the delivery request is accepted, the legal counselor of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal will move forward towards the court and will present a bail. The court will order Tihar Jail to do all the formalities for bail with proper documentation and procedures. The ED argued for the right to campaign for the election by the affidavit. It is the fundamental and constitutional rights of all. This is not a legal right. The ED was relying on the announcement and update from the Delhi High Court. All types of paper work completed before temporary release.


Arvind Kejriwal

Importance of Elections

The general election to Lok Sabha is one of the most significant and vital roles played in this year of election. Many people announced that this year is the national election of the year 2024. As per the news gained approx 970 million voters will cast their vote to their selected party. Then the government of this country will decide who will be the upcoming Prime Minister. Beforehand many kinds of preparations were going on for this election and everyone was working very hard whether it is citizens of India or belonged to a political party.     

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