How to add new object type in veeva vault?

Scenario: Create a new object type named as ‘Small’ inside the object named ‘city’. We create a new object type. Second it get visible. After creating a city record .

Solution: Please find the steps below to create the new object type ‘small’ in city object assuming that you are having vault owner or System admin access/profile:

Note: Information regarding Vault owner and System administrator

Vault owner:

Vault owner is the highest level of privileges in any vault. A person achieved Veeva white belt certification is assigned the task. Vault owner security profile is capable of doing any amount of task without any restriction.

System administrator:

The System administrator is the second highest level of privileges after Vault owner. So it can also do any task with less restriction then vault owner. System Administrators assigned the IT Administrator Role with the Security profile.. In various Service companies who work on veeva as assigned with System administrator permission.

  1. Path: Admin > configuration > objects > city > enable object types and save.

2. Admin > configuration > objects > city > object types > create new object as below and save.

Note: Information regarding Label, Plural label, Name, Status.

Label: This mean how object type is visible in creation of new veeva object record.

Plural Label: The business administration will show the object in this manner. So you can see this name in our 1st image above.

Name: This is the API name of object type usually end with __c in veeva.

Status: This mean the current status of object type i.e Active or Inactive.

Result: Please go to below path and check the output

Path: Business admin > select ‘city ‘> create new city records and see new small object type available in pick list. If new value ‘small’ is visible. It means your configuration is correct. I hope you got object type in veeva vault

And, this clarifies how to create new object type in veeva vault. Object types in veeva created in various product of veeva as in RIM vault, eTMF vault, Clinical vault, Quality vault, Promomats vault, study training vault, medcom vault etc.

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