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How many Satellite launched by India?

This is a list of every foreign satellite that India has launched. As of July 30, 2023, India had launched 431 satellites for 34 nations.(Source: ) The only launch-capable agency in India as of 2019 is the Indian Space Research Organisation, which launches all research and commercial projects. It is the government agency responsible for space exploration.

The launchers used for international commercial launches as of October 2022 are the GSLV Mk III and the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle is used. Commercial small satellite launches across international borders. On February 10, 2023, the vehicle accomplished its first successful flight.

About ISRO Satellite launched

On February 15, 2017, ISRO used a PSLV-XL to launch 104 satellites in one go. Ninety-six of them were Americans, the remaining ones being citizens of Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. January 24, 2021. SpaceX launched the Transporter-1 mission on a Falcon 9 rocket carrying 143 satellites into orbit. Most satellites launched on a single flight by any space agency 19th April 1975. Aryabhata and experimental.

List of Indian Satellites

· 7th June 1979. Bhaskara-I. Experimental, Earth observation.

· 10th August 1979. Rohini technology Payload. …

· 18th July 1980. Rohini Satellite RS – 1. …

· 31st May 1981. Rohini Satellite RS – D1. …

· 19th June 1981. APPLE. …

· 20th November 1981. Bhaskara-II. …

· 10th April 1982. INSAT-1A.

India has excelled and competed. 1975, ISRO has launched approximately 150 satellites with success.

Details of Indian Satellites

-In the year 1975, Aryabhatta, it was India’s first.1979, Bhaskara Sega-I. It was first remote sensing satellite carried through TV and microwave cameras. Second was Rohini Technology Payload. On 1980, Rohini RS-1 & on 1981, Rohini RS-D1 Bhaskara-II, and Apple. On 1982, INSAT-1A. In the year 1983, Rohini RS-D2 & INSAT-1B. Next 1987, SROSS-1. 1988, IRS-1A, SROSS-2, was INSAT-1C satellites. 1990, INSAT-1D.

-1991, IRS-1B. And in the year 1992, INSAT-2DT, SROSS-C, INSAT-2A satellites.

-Moving on the year 1993, INSAT-2B and IRS-1E satellites.

-Middle year1994, SROSS-C2 and IRS-P2. 1995, INSAT-2C and IRS-1C. 1996, IRS-P3 satellite. 1997, INSAT-2D and IRS-1D. 1999, INSAT-2E and OceanSat-1. 2000, INSAT-3B. 2001, GSAT-1 and TES satellite. In the year 2002, INSAT-3C. This is communication and broadcasting. Second satellite was Kalpana-1. 1st meteorological satellites built by ISRO. 2003, INSAT-3A, GSAT-2, INSAT-3E, ResourceSat-1 satellites. In the year 2004, GSAT-3 exclusive educational. 2005, CartoSat-1, HamSat, INSAT-4A satellites.

-At 2006, INSAT-4C Geosynchronous communications.

-On 2007, CartoSat-2, SRE-1, INSAT-4B, INSAT-4CR satellites.

-Year 2008, CartoSat-2A, IMS-1, Chandrayaan-1 satellites.

-2009, RISAT-2, AnuSat-1, OceanSat-2, satellites.

-2011, ResourceSat-2, YouthSat, GSAT-8 or INSAT-4G Communications satellites.

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