How to update help content object field in veeva vault

Scenario: To update the help text to field ‘comment’ in ‘city’ object in Veeva and enable the hover text.

Note: what is help text in object fields in veeva?

Ans: Help text is nothing but when any user hover to the field a predefined sentence appear near to that field. That explain what is this field about and how to use this field and called as Hover text. You can relate this when you hover any application on your desktop a predefined sentence appear.

Solution: To update the hover test of field ‘comment’, please route to below address or location in vault

  1. Admin > configuration > objects > city > fields > comment field > edit and save.

Note: Please find some important information below:

  1. Data type: This mean the type of data supported in this field. Text type mean it will accept input in test format.
  2. Maximum length: This mean length of field. If value is 20 then we can enter value till 20 character.

Result: When we go to city object records and click to create button. You will see the hover text in ‘comment’ field. Now this explain Hover text in veeva vault

Path: Business admin > city > create city object records then below page will appear.

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