H5N1 Influenza Virus: Rising Case in World

The H5N1 Influenza Virus started spreading all over the United States of America in the past 4 years. It took the lives of almost all the birds in the USA. This bird flu virus spreads from birds to mammals for example- pets, cows, and foxes. This is the H5N1 virus. The virus is spreading so much that it has crossed almost 48 states due to which all the cats are dying and getting ill. H5N1 virus affected the birds and no humans were affected but now one of the men caught the virus last month. He was working on a dairy farm.   

Is the H5N1 virus Bird Flu Virus?

Yes, It is the Influenza A subtype that causes influenza in birds. The symptoms are mostly fatal and severe in most of the cases. It also affects humans, cats, and cows.  As per the news around half of the billions of birds suffered from this virus.

We need to make preparations for this virus.

The Virologist of the United Kingdom, Prof. Paul Digar, and the entire team at Roslin Institute are working to produce the H5N1 vaccine and they are also evaluating how it threat to humans as well. Additionally, they are also preparing if a pandemic happens.  The reports say that the USA has 4 types of flu vaccines in stock to protect against the H5N1 virus. The pharmaceutical companies approved to release of the vaccine without the need for any license. 

Prepare the H5N1 vaccine

The World Health Organization estimated 4-8bn vaccines can be produced in an year against the H5N1 pandemic. It also estimated that it needs 2 doses within 3-4 weeks, still, it is not confirmed. The preparation of the vaccine is very costly. Old technology incubators in eggs of chickens produce 70% of vaccines, and it takes at least 6 months for this process.

Mild infections positive results in the USA and the UK.. There is a problem if human rates start to increase in terms of viruses then there may be a concern and the government’s health department should concentrate on this. Humans should take the H5N1 virus seriously.

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