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G20 Summit 2023: Under the leadership of India

This time The Group of Twenty (G20) took place in New Delhi, Bharat under the Indian G20 presidency /Bharat presidency. The theme kept is One Earth, One Family, One Future. G20 summit 2023 host country is none other then India.

What is G20 Summit?

G20 is the premier foundation for International Economic Cooperation. It plays a vital role in shaping the global architecture and other economic issues. In the year 1999, we founded this summit. The Government/State convened for discussions on global economic forum and economic policy in response to global and financial crises. At this point of view, the Summit agenda and priorities play a crucial role.

This theme has a wide meaning starting from the values of humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms present on Earth planet. This will be a ministerial meeting, engagement group, and working group. This presidency will also spotlight the Lifestyle for the Environment and emphasize sustainable development to achieve a clean, green, and blue future. The group segregated working in different departments such as agriculture, anti-corruption, disaster risk reduction, digital economy, climate sustainability, health, trade, investment, energy transition, and tourism.

Countries involved in G20

After the summit, the G20 leaders are expect to make decisions . The G20 Summit in India, comprised of 19 countries and the EU, will adopt the leaders’ decisions after the summit. The following 19 countries are as follows under G20 member nations:












The Republic of Korea


The Russian Federation

Saudi Arabia

South Africa


The UK

The US

More about G20 Summit

India hold the G20 presidency from 1 December 2022- 30 November 2023. Allowing discussions to take place. Climate change discussions, Sustainable development goals Global challenges and solutions.

In the end, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s decision is to hold virtual meetings by November before giving its presidency. We need to ensure scrutiny of the decision Bharat G20 nation. At Yashobhoomi Dwarka New Delhi, one of the fantastic occasions took place. Lok Sabha speaker Shri. Om Birla said that apart from G20 Countries there will be 10 more other countries and international organization that has participated on this summit. Not only were these, there also 50 parliamentarians, 14 secretaries and 26 presidents. G summit India participated in Pan African Parliament. India organized this event first time.

Aim of this Summit

The aim is to provide a good solution on a global issue towards a peaceful and equitable world. Shri. Om Birla informed about the submit that it will conclude with a joint statement urging G20 government not only to provide solution but also check on the major challenges which was based in equality and peace. Swiss organized an Exhibition of the mother of democracy to highlight our country’s ancient traditions and showcase its participatory democratic tradition. Here not only countries but also International Organization were present. Each one of them has planted a beautiful sapling. It shows a natural significance of their own respective country. Indian Agro climate condition came into consideration. By external affair minister Dr. Jai Shankar, Union Minister for Petroleum and natural gas Late.

Governor of Delhi Shri. V.K. Saxena participated in this event. They planted a Banyan sapling popularly known as a national tree of India.  The tree of life is another name for it. The theme behind this was to spotlight the message that includes the individual for sustainable lifestyle and each one of them has the right to protect and preserve the environment. G20 planting is there to conducted that will serve as a reminder if anybody talks about the same

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