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Extra Income Hacks: Moonlighting for IT Employees

What is Moonlighting?

It is the practice of doing a second job after your normal office working hours or you can say working in 2 separate companies. People who work or dedicate time at night to earn extra money are called moonlighting. It is generally subject to the policies that the company has placed regarding moonlighting for IT employees. Some of the companies are strictly restricted not to work in other companies in parallel otherwise the company is liable to take any legal action against the employee. Similarly, the public organization always checks the regulations of the laws concerning about 2 jobs simultaneously.

After the start of covid lockdown, people have started and focused more on moonlighting as it helps them to get two separate sources of income.  Generally employees think that company wouldn’t observe and they won’t track whether people is working for your company or other company. This create discrepancy and loyalty towards the company. Money is not everything. It simply means you are cheating both the organization and it ultimately results in the loss of faith. Companies will start losing faith from your side

Advantages of Moonligtning?

-Source of Extra Income: This is one of the biggest reasons to do moonlighting for IT employees. These kinds of part-time and freelance opportunities assist people to work and gain as much income as they wish.

-Fulfilling their satisfaction: Many times it happens that people often get stuck in the middle of the

task which it gets uneasy to get rid of the problem. Moonlighting allows proving yourself that you can face any kind of challenges in your work.

-Increase in knowledge and skills: Working in two companies gets satisfaction in taking on more projects to increase your skills from time to time. If you are working in any multi-national company then you are 80% sure that you will be restricted to your holistic growth. Working in moonlighting gives people to work in freedom and puts their technical and nontechnical skills according to their way.

-Filling the gaps in demand and supply: The companies who are engaging people in moonlighting also get good assistance to get the work done professionally with the help of excellent resources working part-time.   

Consequences of Moonlighting?

Many types of consequences can impact employees’ careers and current organizations. If an employee is practicing moonlighting for IT employees in the same industry. It can lead to a loss of confidentiality. That further may result in a negative impact on the company’s growth and progress. Then is termed as a breach of data that can harm a loss to an IT firm. The company can punish the employees who are performing the same practice in other organizations. In the form of cost-cutting in salary or may terminate the job at any time. Moonlighting is termed as earning additional income from another source.  

Does the employee prefer to do moonlighting?

It is better recommended not to perform any such activities that can harm employees and the organization too. People generally do it for the sake of earning more income. There are many alternative solutions like you can show your productivity. In a full-time job can increase your current pay scale and profile. You can have the identical functioning hours and extra earnings from a single organization. Secondly, you can give ample time to your family and friends which can provide relaxation to your health and fitness. Try to become a multitasker not doing multiple jobs rather than focusing on a single job. Your full-time job is a long-term earning source and you should not be dependable in any type of freelancing or part-time job. They can provide little happiness for a limited time.


So here you will get the complete information and you can easily distinguish what is right or wrong. It’s your decision what you have to think about your upcoming career.

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