Ebrahim Raisi Died in a Helicopter Crash- Iran President

The president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi died in helicopter crash accident on Sunday, 20thmay 2024. He was returning from Azerbaijan to meet the President IIham Aliyev along with the entire team and unfortunately his helicopter got crashed in the mountainous forest. He went for the inauguration of major dam and cut the ribbon along the Aras river. It was situated in the northwestern region of Iran. When the rescue team got the news they ultimately reached the spot and what they saw is shocking. The helicopter was destroyed and the team was forecasting that nobody was alive seeing the condition of helicopter. The entire forest area was quite dense with the mountain valley near the border of Azerbaijan. The Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is found dead along with other officials.  

About Ebrahim Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi is famous for being ruthless, he deals the matters very differently when he receives people raising their voices against human rights violations. He was often called a butcher and he had killed a lot of humans during his period. In addition to it, he was an avid supporter of the Palestine group but his death is affecting the foreign policy. However, the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah assured the citizens the fight would not kept on hold and that the death of Raisi would not affect the citizens.

The age of Ebrahim Raisi was 63 years old. He was popularly known as a butcher due to oppression and suppression. He has badly tortured the people and raised voice depleting democracy. He majorly opposes women and life freedom movement. Let give you one example a girl aged 22 yrs old was arrested as her head was not covered properly. Due to which  many other women turned on the road, burned scarves and suppressed approx 10,000

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