Celebrating Mother’s Day all over the world

Mother’s Day is not the day but an emotion and recollecting all the memories and celebrating this moment with your mom. The entire world celebrates it..When children are upset, they often call out for their mother’s name first. A girl’s second birth occurs when she gives birth to her child and becomes a mother. Becoming a mother is a matter of great happiness. It’s a matter of luck. She is the first and last love. Children often share their daily challenges, problems, and great and bad news. The mind becomes lighter after discussing the daily routine. 

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Importance

Mother cherish their children and their love is not compared to other love. Her role is too much different from others and for this, no one can understand the relation between a child and mother. Many of them say that a father can also fulfill the needs of their child but still mother is special. She cares for you and helps you 24*7 she is not responsible for all this stuff. She works as a core responsible person in the family. So can’t we dedicate one entire day to our moms? This day becomes more special when you have a mother-in-law in your life, maternal grandmother, and paternal grandmother. Today is mother’s Day and countries like Canada, Australia, the US, and Europe celebrate this day as mother’s Day. On this day everyone put their status stories with their mom. And along with that they share beautiful lines and quote.

How this day started celebrated all over the world

It started in the middle of the twentieth 100 years ago. Old Greeks and Romans celebrated this day respecting the mother goddess. Rhea and Cybele festivals were there in springtime and this is devoted to ripeness and parenthood. This is the history and in today’s world every religion is celebrating this day in their own expression.

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