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5 best water parks in Bhopal

Are you looking for a great experience of the beech by living in Bhopal? The answer is YES, all your dream will come true when you will get some refreshing movements and you need not have to move out of the city of state just for a good experience. Here we have put together the list of 5 best water parks in bhopal.  Let’s have interesting information about each water park.

Top Water Parks in Bhopal

Here are the top list of water park with complete details related to entry fees, slides, meals, dress and many more:

1.Crescent Water Park

2. People’s Mall Water Park

3. Kanha Fun City

4. Mini Singrauli

1. Crescent Park

It is located away from the city of Bhopal and on a Sehore road just 32 km distance from Bhopal. It is one of the best and most popular water parks in Bhopal. Thousands and Lakhs of people often visit this park with their family and friends to spend their weekends here. It has a separate rain dance system for the people with an infinity pool. Many tourists come to get their mind relief. You can enjoy every slides right from smaller slides to bigger sldes. If you are fond of swimming then you can go for bigger slides. Otherwise you can go for smaller and medium slides. The waves section are absolutely fabulous.

It has separate timings for wave, people are informed every time when waves get started. Then it has rainy dance stage where you can dance as much as you want with your friends. The timings are 10 am -6 pm and the prices are Rs. 600 + Rs. 100(food)= Total Rs.700 per person. Dresses are free of cost for both boys and girls. All sizes are available. If you would like to keep your bag and mobile phones in locker then price is Rs. 400 (Rs. 100 is submitted and Rs. 300 is refundable in cash, once you leave crescent park). If you would to spare time with your office colleagues, college friends, and family then this place is worth it.

2. People’s Mall Water Park

This water park is located under the premises of People’s Mall near Bhanpur Road. It is one of the cleanest parks with several slides and there is a small amusement park consisting of various monuments around the world. The timing is 10.30 am- 6 pm the ticket price is Rs. 350 approx. It has a swimming pool, house wave pool, water slides,

3. Kanha Fun City

This is Bhopal’s oldest and favorite water park and it is considered the best place for family weekends. It has various filled rides, a food court, and a kid-friendly water park. It has lush green lawns and amusing rides. Not only this it also have comfortable rooms in Kanha Palm Springs. It is located in Ratanpur Bhopal. The timings are 10 am – 6 pm and prices are somewhere around Rs. 400 per person and Rs 200 for an amusement park. The park is best known for student and children visit where teachers and faculty often take student for picnic and Sunday visit.

4. Mini Singrauli water park

It is a themed water park having thrilled water parks, aqua dance, and tube slides. It is located at Bharat Nagar  Indrapuri, Bhopal.

Best Amusement Park in Bhopal


 It is located at Kolar Road and it is also an amusement park where you can have a great experience of riding. People who are residing nearby the local area can easily visit this place. Many people are residing at weekends and holidays.


So these are some of the well-known and popular water parks. We wish if you are reading this blog, will make sure that you will gonna visit any of these water parks soon and get an amazing experience. Not only this you can also have a refreshing mood and pleasant environment and observe nature enjoying with other people as well. People should spend their weekdays with their loved ones so that they can spend their time and get energized. We expect your review and thoughts as to how you liked it.   

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