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5 best shopping malls in Bhopal

If you are the newest to the city of Bhopal and want to know how many shopping malls in Bhopal are there then we will describe the best 5 malls nearest to the residence and the specialty that each mall consists of. I hope after reading this blog you will have a clear-cut picture.

List of Best Malls in Bhopal

1. DB City Mall

2. People’s Mall

3. Aura Mall

4.C21 Mall

5. Aashima Mall

1. DB City Mall Bhopal

DB City Mall

This is one of the largest shopping malls in Bhopal that covers approx 13 Lakhs sq. ft. of space. DB Mall consists of 135 Indian and International brands under 1 roof. This mall was established in the year 2010. Includes entertainment, food & leisure, shopping, courtyard Marriott. Bhaskar Group has developed the mall. It is India’s largest newspaper group. Here many kinds of celebrities have arrived for various types of events. It is located at central MP Nagar zone Bhopal.

2. People’s Mall

People’s Mall

People’s Mall is famous for seven wonders replicas made here and famous buildings such as Mumbai Taj Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal, and Eiffel Tower. In addition to it, there are other attractive places made for people such as selfie points, food courts, kids’ play areas, shopping malls, and many more. If you are visiting first time at People’s Mall then it will take somewhere around 2-3 hours to observe every area properly. It is located near Bhanpur

3. Aura Mall Bhopal

Aura Mall

Aura Mall has PVR and multiplex theater, and for kids, there is a kids zone. The mall includes several brands such as Lev’s, AND, Lifestyle, and MAX. It is located at Trilanga Main Road, Gulmohar Bhopal. This mall is nearest to those people who are living in nearby areas such as Arera colony, Kolar road, etc.

4.C21 Mall

C21 Mall

It is the only place for organized retails in Bhopal and provides new experiences to attract people living in nearby places. The owner of C21 Mall is Gurjeet Singh Chhabra and Prabjot Kaur Chhabra. This mall is built in 5 lacks sq. ft approx. Here you will get various sections like shopping, food, events, entertainment, and a lot more. It is located at Misrod  Road Narmadapuram Bhopal.

5. Aashima Mall

Aashima Mall

It provides an exciting experience to the visitors and customers. Aashima Mall is also the biggest mall in Bhopal. It is a nice location to visit with your relatives and peers. You will get a good parking slot. There is a different place made for a food zone for dinner and lunches. Here are some restaurants available at Aashima Mall such as Cafe Coffee Day ( CCD), Moti Mahal Delux, Trio, Subway, Dominos, Kerela Café, Chai ki Chuski, and China Safar. It is located at Danish Nagar, Bawaria Kalan, Bhopal


Here is a detailed description of the various malls present. It depends on your own choice and interest as to which mall is best suitable according to your comfort zone. Every mall has its significance and different products available. If you have any type of query you can easily comment us. If you have any type of query you can easily comment us. we will be there to answer all your questions

THE 5 BEST Bhopal Shopping Malls

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