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5 best places to buy clothes in Bhopal

Everyone has their craze when it comes to their outfit or clothes. Everyone would like to look good and feel good. Purchasing clothes in Bhopal is not a one-time deal but we usually purchase clothes for festive occasions, functions, parties or to gift somebody. If you belong to Bhopal or the outskirts of Bhopal then this blog will help you to find the best place to purchase your clothes. We will discuss the best 5 places to visit and have your own choice of clothes.

Top places for readymade clothes in Bhopal

Buy clothes from Chowk Bazaar

Chowk Bazar is located in the old city of Bhopal, it is more famous for its narrow lanes of road. People can have a great shopping experience here at Bazaar. It is also known as the traditional market of Bhopal. Here on Sunday, the shops are closed. You can purchase anything like sarees, gowns, sherwani, suits, lehnga, and dresses of any range and any size. You will also get the fabric of any color, any length for any type of use and you can purchase mobile phones.


It comes in second position in terms of clothes and dress at Bhopal. Many shopkeepers purchase dresses at wholesale rates and then resell them in their respective shops in every area. If you are planning for your relative wedding or your wedding then Bairagarh is one of the good options. Bairagarh is located near Lalghati. Here you can get to see newly designed dresses where entire clothes and fabric come from other cities and then further retailers work on selling out the clothes. Most of the shop owners are Sindhis because the entire area of Bairagarh belongs to Sindhis.

Best Clothing Stores in Bhopal

New Market in Bhopal

New Market is one of the busiest areas in Bhopal. It is also known as the No. 1 shopping area. It is best known for varieties of clothes, marriage costumes, and garba dresses. You can get all the varieties in the best affordable ranges. People who reside near TT Nagar find it easy to purchase daily, weekly, and monthly. The timings are morning 10 am to 9 pm every day. The New Market is located at TT Nagar Bhopal.

Bittan Market 

Bittan Market is located in the area of Arera Colony, one of the richest places in Bhopal. Here you can find street vendors selling clothes that belong to every range of prices. Most of the people arrive to purchase from 5 pm and it goes late till 9.30 pm. You will get every type of dress like ethnic wear, modern dress, every season fashion dress. It is more easy for the people who reside in Arera Colony and Shahpura.


It is also famous for daily wear clothes where you can buy the clothes as per your choice. People will feel easy who reside nearby like Ayodhya, Bhanpur, IT park, Badwai, and People Mall. Generally most of the people residing in campus area nearby Karond will not travel Arera Colony, Bittan Market, or Misrod to purchase clothes. So it’s better to set up good shops where people can find ease to purchase  


So here are the 5 best places where you don’t have to get confused, simply search in Google Maps and you will easily find the location or you can get a reference from somebody. Try it out and share your experience with us. We will be more happy to bring interested blog for you as per your needs. Are you looking for more reference with regards to clothes then do contact us.  

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