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5 best hospitals in Bhopal

If you are new residing in Bhopal and you do not know which hospital is good then here are the 5 best hospitals in Bhopal that consist of the finest expert doctors specialized in various departments. It provides top healthcare services to patients with advanced technologies. 

Top Best Hospital in Bhopal


2. Hamidia

3. National Hospital

4. Narmada Hospital

5. Bansal Hospital

Let’s get to know more details of each hospital step by step:


All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhopal. It is located in Saket Nagar. This is Medical Research Institute. This hospital has all types of specialized doctors like dermatology, oncology, and Ophthalmology. The fees of the doctors, examination tests, and checkups are very nominal and it is open for every type of person right from poor people to rich people. Nowadays there are various types of facilities available like BPL cards, and Ayushman cards. These cards are advantageous to those who can not afford too much money for their treatment. If you are visiting first time in the AIIMS, you have to register yourself using Aadhar card number and the same registration used next time.

2. Hamidia Hospital Bhopal

Hamidia Hospital is located at Sultania Rd, Royal Market, Bhopal. It is a multispecialty hospital. The hospital known as Wales King Edwards Memorial Hospital. It provides good facilities for poor people and their families. Hamidia Hospital donate and retrieve of organs. It is the oldest hospital in Bhopal. Where the doctors and professors are very professional and popular for treatment. 

3. National Hospital

National Hospital is located at Ranikamlapati Station E-3, Arera Colony, Bhopal. You can easily book an appointment in an online way and get easy to meet with the desired doctor. The staff maintains good hygiene to make the hospital neat and clean.

4. Narmada Hospital

Narmada Hospital is located E3-Arera Colony Bhopal. They have 24*7 medical staff available to handle all kinds of emergencies. The best critical care hospital in Bhopal is Narmada Hospital. It is located at the center of the city. Where every patient can easily travel and can visit the hospital. The hospital is also easiest for nearby areas like Arera Colony residences. 

5. Bansal Hospital Bhopal

It is a private hospital located at Chuna Bhatti Rd, Manisha Market, Sector C, Shahpura, Bhopal. It provides the best quality services in pediatrics, orthopedics, gynecology, and many more. This hospital known for the availability of advanced equipment and machine for the patients for detecting every type of disease. They have 1 motive which is to treat people in the best possible way. It known as one of the best Joint Replacement Centers in India.


List Of Best Hospitals in Bhopal

So this is all about the information of the hospital. These days more hospitals established in every area. So we have discussed a few hospitals that are most popular and had a good experience. I hope you will read this blog and for any type of query do contact us    

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