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5 best churches in Bhopal

Bhopal is grateful to have the arrival of many tourists every year. The reason behind this is it consists of famous monuments, culture and tradition, historical buildings, and lakes. After this, it comes to temples and churches, so in this blog, we will describe the best 5 churches in Bhopal. In the previous blog, we have already described the best 5 temples of Bhopal, for more information you can check the blog.

List of Top Churches

1. Infant Jesus Church

2. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

3. St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral Church

4. St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral

5. Queen Of The Universe Church

1. Infant Jesus Church

Infant Jesus Church

It has an iconic building in Bhopal with a beautiful altar and paintings of Jesus Christ. It is one of the oldest churches in Bhopal. When you will enter the church you can visualize the complete story of Jesus Christ right from the beginning to the end. The church has beautifully designed the sculpture and idols in the tableau form. The reason behind this is to engage children to observe and can visualize what they have learned in the books. It is located behind Vrindavan Nagar, Raj Samrat colony Bhopal. The family of Christians resides in a small covered campus.

2. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

People love the beauty of the church and divine ambiance. It is located in the area of the town and further, surrounded by the greenery and serene. You can this church if you are under stress. The church is located at A sector Barkheda Bhopal.  

3. St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral Church

St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral Church

This church boasts architectural beauty. Non-Christianity people can also visit this church and can have photographs and pictures. The exterior part of the church looks magnificent. It is located at Ashoka Garden Bhopal and people living in the nearby areas can visit the church very easily. At the time of Christmas, many people are visiting the church and having cakes and sweets on 24th December.   

4. St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral

The church is located inside St. Francis School premises and usually, people visit the church after school hours. Many visitors are visiting the church on the weekends. This church is an oldest churches in Bhopal. It is approximately 150 years old. Has great spiritual vibes surrounding it. Visit church and understand historical significance. It is located at Jahangirabad Bhopal.

 5. Queen Of The Universe Church

Queen Of The Universe Church

Queen of the Universe Church is located at Divine Nagar Bairagarh Chichali Kolar Road Bhopal. The people who are residing near Kolar Road can easily visit the church on weekends. They usually organize various functions for the festive occasion. 


So this is all about the short description of churches in Bhopal where you can have a peaceful and spiritually enriching experience having religious aspects. If you are first time reading this blog then we expect you to visit the church and can collect different vibes from each church and do not forget to also share your opinion with us.

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